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Low Doc Business Loans

Low Doc Business Loans

Low Doc Business and Equipment Finance

Low Doc does not mean No Doc. These loans are generally suited to businesses that have only been trading for 2 years, yet have not developed a strong equity position during the early growth years. Low doc business loans are available for Sole Traders, Companies and business partnerships where the asset being purchased is used wholly or predominately for business use. Low doc commercial loans are available for most assets up to $100,000.00 TAP.

Low doc business lending has become popular amongst sole traders and companies that aren’t up to date with their tax returns but have a good credit history. Generally, the applicant would need to provide proof of income with the provision or bank statements and an accountant’s letter to confirm income.

On a positive note, as much as 50% of our business is low doc finance, so you can be assured we have a great understanding in this segment of the market.

If you are not completely sure of what type of commercial loan you need, simply fill in the adjacent form or call us on 0481 951 766. We also offer equipment finance for established businesses or alternatively, if you don't have financials for the last 2 years you may be eligible for a no doc business loan.

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