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Leisure Loans

Leisure Loans

Consider Total Funding when arranging a loan for a new jet ski, caravan, camper trailer, boat or motorbike. We have a range of lenders that assess your application quickly, provide great interest rates and don’t give you the run around.

Quite often we arrange finance for customers looking for a pre-approval before they purchase, as its comforting to know you have the money ready to go when you find your dream motorbike, boat or jet ski.

If you would like to make a general enquiry or talk to one of our experienced finance brokers, please complete our online application and you will be contacted promptly by our friendly staff.

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Check IconTotal Funding's success has been attributed to its expertise in helping its clientele, to the point we enjoy a very high return rate. This is because we work for the client, not the lenders. So it’s always in our best interest to get your application approved to meet your needs.