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Car Finance

Car Finance

Buying a new car is usually the second biggest purchase you’ll ever make after a new home, so why not let someone with over 20 years’ experience help guide you through the maze of lenders and interest rates?

Total Funding can help finance new and used vehicles from dealerships, private sellers, auctions and imports. We can also provide you with loan pre-approval for your purchase, or help with quotes and guidance. We have professional relationships with a variety of lenders that can offer great interest rates on all types of motor vehicles.

If you’ve had a run of Bad Credit or are Ex Bankrupt, we may have a solution for you. Simply click to apply on the adjacent tab to complete a brief background and we will aim to help.

For those looking to finance import vehicles, please fill out our contact form or go through our Personal Loan Application form. We can also provide commercial car loans for businesses in the form of leases, chattel mortgage and hire purchase.

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Check IconTotal Funding's success has been attributed to its expertise in helping its clientele, to the point we enjoy a very high return rate. This is because we work for the client, not the lenders. So it’s always in our best interest to get your application approved to meet your needs.